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As a Marketing Communication Specialist, I’ve worked across the non-profit, education, healthcare, finance, event, and corporate sectors. This diverse experience has empowered me to contribute meaningfully to a wide array of projects and initiatives.


My professional journey includes roles as a Manager Marketing Communications, Event Manager, PR/Marketing Manager, and Digital Marketer. I also provide freelance consultancy services in events, marketing, and creative strategy.


I’m driven by a mission of diversity and inclusion. With my bi-cultural background, I’m committed to crafting advertising and marketing communication strategies that champion these ideals, creating an inclusive narrative in a complex world.


Our Services For Clients

Marketing Communication Strategy

I specialize in crafting advertising and digital marketing communication strategies that drive your brand’s success. Let’s create a strategy that resonates with your audience and helps you achieve your goals.

Marketeer for a day?

Experience a day in the world of marketing with me. Let’s dive into your project and make marketing magic together. This exclusive experience allows you to gain hands-on insights and quickly create a marketing strategy, design, message or campaign together.

Branding and Identity Development

I can help you shape your brand identity and image to stand out in a competitive market. Together we’ll craft unique and cohesive brand narratives and implement strategies to strengthen brand recognition.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

As someone with a bi-cultural background, I’m passionate about driving diversity and inclusion. As co-founder of the Dutch Charter for Compassion organization I have experience in elevating brands and I can help you take your commitment to diversity and inclusion to the next level and make a lasting impact.

Storytelling and Media Communications

Your brand’s reputation and media presence are crucial. I can help you create strategic content such as podcasts and video’s that can help you with telling your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your audience and amplifies your brand’s voice through various media channels.

Web Development and Social Media

I can help you optimize your online potential with our expert web development and social media services. We craft cutting-edge websites and tailor-made social media strategies to boost your online presence and drive results. Let’s transform your digital footprint into a powerful tool for success.


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Leading with Expertise, Passion, and Diversity

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Who I Am

Experienced Manager Marketing Communications with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and communications industry. Skilled in Brand Development, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Media Production.

My Vision

My diverse background includes working with both private and semi-public organisations, enabling me to navigate diverse environments across the non-profit, education, healthcare, finance, event and corporate sectors.

My Mission

Passionate leader with a Degree focused in Communication and Multimedia Design from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I’m driven by a mission of diversity and inclusion.


Feedback From Our Clients
Josh Manson
    Josh Manson

    CEO at Manson Advisory Services

    Tariq is a resourceful and personable individual. He is enthusiastic about projects and brings a unique point of view into his work. My experience is that he works hard and would be a great addition to any team.

    Jacco Vlastuin
      Jacco Vlastuin

      Digital troublemaker at Oxfam Novib

      Tariq is a very enthusiastic and driven person who really believes in what he stands for. The most valuable about Tariq is his ability to think without borders and his creativity. Besides that, he is one fine artist!

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